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Discussion in 'macOS' started by illegalprelude, Oct 29, 2008.

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    #1 here is a random question. My computer has been slower then before (obviously this happens over time) But its getting to the point of leniency. For example, iPhoto takes forever to load and when you import from a Camera and begin to type in the event name, it works on a 30 second lag. Another example, iTunes takes a while to load (granted, it has 70GB worth of content). Now through all of this, ive been having weird software glitches throughout. For 2 weeks, spaces wouldnt work right. Id have to go to system pref. turn it off and on and walla, back to normal. Or just yesterday, Time Machine wouldnt backup to my external, said it was set to read only and now its fine. But key thing is, things are slow all over. From Pages to the web, to widgets coming up and you name it.

    Also, ive done all the good stuff like Repair Premonitions and Disk Warrior.

    So now, Im curious if its Hardware or Software.

    My current specs go as this
    1.6 G5
    2Gb Ram
    ATI 9600

    3 1TB HDD

    So yes, I have alot of content on my computer. Heavy apps ranging from
    Aperture 2
    Final Cut Studios
    Bento 2

    So again, Software...Hardware...anyway to make sure
    Also to put things in perspective, where does my Machine sit in the power totum, compared to the current lineup?

    Better then the base MacBook? Worse? Mac Mini eats my Machine? lol im not sure how the G5 ranks against the Core 2 Duo.

    And Time Machine is doing it again and when I click on my external, this is what it shows me and I cannot unlock it...

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    The next time your system slows to a crawl, try running 'sudo dmesg' in a terminal window; are there any disk I/O errors? Also, bring up the Console utility from the Utilities folder and look for any warnings or errors during the period of time you experience the slowness.

    My system "slowed down" for a while and it was due to one of my disks beginning to fail. It affected several of my applications and most of the time, the disk re-tries succeeded so the application just appeared to be slow ...

    I have no idea why you are getting the permissions problems on your time machine disk.

    Good luck, let us know what you find out,

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    It sits a long long way behind even the cheapest current Mac. I'm amazed things like Aperture/Final Cut are even partially usable for you to be honest.
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    Will Do and thanks for that heads up! ill have to check into that :)

    You know what, Aperture and iPhoto its So so on. (but to be honest, can really choke on iPhoto) but for whatever reason, Final Cut. Not a problem. Rendering takes forever, dont get me wrong but just FCP as a program and it functioning, it runs fantastic.

    Of course, I say fantastic...relative to what the Machine Ive been on the brink of getting a new unit but to frank, when I first got my Machine, I was new to the whole Mac thing. ordered it online, 2 weeks later, Dual Core 5G's came out....and then Tiger did too....

    So now, 5 years later, I work for the Man and im waiting for Snow Leopard and Blu-ray before I pull the trigger as I can hold off another year i guess. (would love to pull the trigger now but cant afford to upgrade twice in a year @ $4k each time haha)
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    I'm assuming that you have enough HD space for storing and rendering to?
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    Yea, currently I have
    1TB for Time Machine
    1TB for Renders
    1TB for Clips/Edits

    then my internal 500GB is for Music and Photos and such
    160GB original is just OS and software mainly.

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