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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Torres09, Apr 26, 2008.

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    At 23 years of age and having spent around 18 of them using command prompt/Windows based OS's I have just inherited an iMac from my Father. It is, as far ask I know, maybe a year old, 2Ghz Core 2 Duo, 1024Mb Ram, 160Gb Hd and did have OS X Tiger but was upgraded to Leopard.

    Anyway it's very nice and all that but when I turn the thing on it still reads "Father names iMac" and the main folder is titled my fathers name as this is what he chose when he installed the OS. I have tried to change this name but get a message stating "this folder cannot be modified/deleted as MAC OS X needs it".

    Is there anything I can do to change these details to my own or would I need to reinstall Leopard to change the default settings. I do not want to poke and play too much through fear of wrecking it.

    Many thanks to anyone who can help :)

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    1. to change the host name, open system preferences and go to the sharing prefpane - you'll find the computer name field there.

    2. You can't rename the existing account. the answer is to make yourself a new account (system prefs/accounts), which can have your name and whatever password you choose. Once you've moved your data over, all you need to do is to delete the old account from the same prefpane
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    I'm surprised someone your age couldn't find it. No offense. :) Look in the System Preferences under Sharing to change the computer's name.

    User accounts have two names, a short one and a long one. The long one can be changed easily from the Accounts preferences. The short user name *can* be changed by right(control)-clicking on your account name and going into the Advanced Options, but I'd recommend creating a fresh new user account for yourself. Things will probably go more smoothly that way.
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