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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by dr4cula, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Sep 30, 2007

    I'm really not sure what I should do - buy a new computer or not? Since I'm in the 9th grade at the moment, that being 16, I don't use my computer that intensively. School takes most of the time and when I have some free time, I usually just do some basic web browsing. However, there have been some signs that I should get a new computer:

    1) it seems that my current computer can't handle the Razer Diamondback mouse, since it keeps turning the USB port it is attached to off, saying the USB port is drawing too much power. Quite often it gave me the kernel panic, saying I need to restart. I now use the Mighty Mouse, but I'm not really happy with it.
    2) the DVD player doesn't work properly. I can't skip from one chapter to another - it just won't do it. Sometimes it skips, but usually it just lags through the chapter.

    My current computer is an iMac G5 1.9GHz. I'm not sure about the power of the machine either, since sometimes it runs pretty slowly when I'm doing a website - running Photoshop, TextMate, CyberDuck and multiple Safari windows. Also, sometimes when running Azureus, then the whole computer seems to be laggy and not useable.

    I want a computer that is capable of:
    1) running Photoshop and Flash flawlessly
    2) running XCode. iMac can run it, so I guess any of the current Macs can do it
    3) running a few games, such as Quake 3 and Quake 4.

    The current macs plusses and minuses in my eyes for me:
    1) Mac mini - no dedicated graphics card
    2) iMac - the size is just not right. I don't have enough room for a 20" iMac.
    3) Mac Pro - too expensive and I don't need that kind of power
    4) MacBook and MacBook Air - no dedicated graphics card, Air is just not powerful enough either
    5) MacBook Pro - seems perfect apart from the price point

    So, I'm not sure whether I should get a MacBook Pro or a PC with Q9450, 8800GT and 4GB of ram once Q9450 is released. Honestly, I could get even better PC for the same amount of money I would waste on a MBP. Including 22" display, it would be somewhere 20000 - 22000 EEK (1852 - 2037 USD), while MBP costs 29900 EEK (2769 USD). I know I'm comparing a laptop with a desktop, but since most PC laptops look like crap, then I don't want them. Besides, the PC laptops I've used have had troubles. My sister's laptop's cover broke down and it was damn slow. She now has a MacBook. My aunt's laptop just randomly stopped working - literally. It was sitting on a bed quietly, without no one using it, and then when I was ready to shut it down, it didn't - froze and after that it was messed up.

    I really like Macs, but I'm not sure if I should get one. I need space on my desk, so a MacBook Pro should fit fine, but what are your thoughts on it? Any suggestions?

  2. aross99 macrumors 68000


    Dec 17, 2006
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    Is your mouse connected to your keyboard USB port? Try moving it to one on the back of your iMac. The keyboard doesn't supply much power...

    Your iMac G5 is a nice machine, and should run most of what you want pretty well. You may need more memory. Your machine probably came with 512MB, and you should upgrade to at least 1G - especially if you have upgraded to leopard.

    Memory is cheap and easy to install on that machine. You should run the activity monitor when you have all of your programs open, and see how much CPU and memory you are using. Adding memory might take care of the problem for you - for now anyway.

    I think the iMac would be a good choice for you. Are you sure you don't have room for the 20" iMac? I don't think they are that much bigger than your iMac (I assume you have the 17").

    Any of the new Intel machines will be MUCH faster than your iMac G5. You can probably see the difference on your sister's MacBook.

    As long as you don't have to play games on your computer, then I would definitely stick with a Mac. I agree that a Mac Pro is to much for what you want to do, and a Mac Mini may be a little under powered for what you have to pay for. I don't know how well the Quake games run, or if they need dedicated graphic cards.

    I would try to save a little bit on the computer, and get an xbox for playing games.

    Isn't there some way you can squeeze a 20" iMac on your desk?

    You could also look for a used/refurb White 17" Intel iMac, but that can be a gamble if you don't get it from Apple. It may also be hard to find now.
  3. Spievy macrumors regular

    Dec 24, 2002
    Your G5 iMac should have plenty of Power to do what you want do with it.

    That being said

    Try the USB port on the back of your computer for your mouse. Get an USB extension cable if you can't reach the mouse (inexpensive)

    Get a CD/DVD cleaner disc, there might be dust on the optical drive laser. Also, make sure that your computer is completely updated. (inexpensive)

    Max out your memory, this is fairly inexpensive.

    You should be set. UNLESS of course you can convince your parents you NEED a new computer :D
  4. dr4cula thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 30, 2007
    I've already tried the back port of the computer. It froze there too.
    I've already got 1,5GB of RAM.

    My parents know that I want a new computer so that's already been taken care of.

    The one thing that makes me want to get a new computer, is the ability to run Windows. When I'm doing a website, I need to test it on various browsers, including IE6 & 7. Besides, I have purchased CS through Steam, so it would be nice if I could play it :p

    About the iMac. The iMac doesn't fit due to it's height. It's a few cm-s too high. I have this table with shelves on it, so there's basically not much room for a big display. Besides, my cousin has had various problems with the graphics card.

    The xbox idea isn't for me. I don't play that much games to purchase it. Like I said, I would run Quake 3, maybe Quake 4 and try out perhaps UT3. Yeah, forgot about that before. At the moment the quad-core computer seems abit better for the long run, since I'd like the new computer to last somewhere 3 years. This one has been for 2 years. Although with quad I don't receive Mac OS X, which is a downside. Argh! Why doesn't Apple have a mid-tower? Damnit.
  5. brguitarist macrumors member

    May 24, 2007
    New Jersey
    Just because you brought up the long debated "mid-tower" no one will reply to your thread :D

    Umm, if your G5 is not doing, I would think an alu iMac would be your best option. You'll probably want a MBP or a MP when you go to college in 3.5 years anyway so a MBP or MP now would be a waste (you know what I mean). As far as the size issue, I really don't think the iMac is that huge (20"). If you can fit a MBP comfortably, an iMac is not that much of a stretch...
  6. Spievy macrumors regular

    Dec 24, 2002
    You could get a refurb (white) imac cheap.
    I bought my 17" 2.0ghz for $899 refurb on the apple store.

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