Computer Switch, Working With An External HD, & Restoring Preference Questions

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by SamIchi, Jun 6, 2006.

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    I recently bought a MacBook, and before I sold my eMac, I bootable copy on my external. I got a few questions.

    (1)How is it working with an external? Inconvineint? Easy? I plan on getting a bigger HD later on but for now I'll deal with the 60 Gigs.

    (2)When I start working with the external can it go to sleep or anything? Like where would I find preferences to that? Do I have to get somekind of software or sumthin? Cause when I turn it on it just stays on.

    (3)How do I get my preferences and bookmarks from my other applications? I use Shiira as a browser and I can't seem to find the bookmarks I had on the external. I don't really know where to look. Unless there isn't a file for that. (4)If I open an application from my external, like say Shiira, shouldn't it have all my bookmarks there? When I open it from my external I just get the icon in my dock, that's it. Can't even open a window.

    (5)Since I backed up my whole HD, and I don't plan on keeping everything to save space, is there anything that I should probably keep but don't know about. I know I want to keep music and pictures and stuff, but what about like the stuff in "library" and "system" Do I need that stuff? I don't plan on using it as a bootable drive.

    Thanks guys! :)
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    I am going to go through these real quick so listen up.

    1) It is not hard working from an external, just make sure the power does not get cutoff (unplugged any other possible cases of disconnection you can think of).

    2) The HD can sleep if it is a feature of the External Drive. Otherwise just setup your Energy Saver settings to put the HD to sleep, not sure if that will work. If it doesn't then probably not able to put the drive to sleep.

    3) Not totally sure about Shirra, but for Camino the bookmarks and prefs are in Library>Application Support , as for the other pref files just copy your application support and preferences folder over from your Library folder. Or suck it up and reconfigure everything again.

    4) Not really sure what you mean.

    5) You can get rid of some fonts and foreign languages, get Monolingual (google it), it will take care of this entire problem.

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