Computer with iTunes died, now having issues

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    Mar 16, 2010

    The computer where I originally had iTunes went belly up so I got a new one and installed iTunes. Now every time I sync it blows away my contacts. Fortunately I did a back up so I can keep restoring from the backup but this is a real pain. How do I keep iTunes from deleting my contact list every time I plug in my iPhone?

    Also my new iTunes doesn't remember any of my earlier downloaded music. How can I get the music off my iPhone and into my new iTunes?


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    Either you have "replace all contacts on next sync" selected under the summary tab (or whatever it says and it may be under the info tab....don't have iTunes at work) or you don't have any contacts on the software your using for contacts on your computer (I've seen instances where this leads to no contacts). Also, if it's asking you to merge, then merge.
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    to keep from having to restore from backup. Immediately cancel the sync

    make sure the replace information on this iphone at the bottom of the info tab isnt checked...

    If that doesnt work. Just uncheck the sync address book contacts. And it should stop it from erasing the contacts.

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