Computers Showing In Finder That Aren't Mine

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by crepotski, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Nov 28, 2012
    First off, apologies if this was answered already. I tried searching these forums to no avail. If it has been answered, feel free to point me in the right direction.

    First off let me tell you my set up.

    I live in a 36 floor high rise and we have internet access through a gigabit ethernet line in each of our units. I have one iMac (just got it :) ) that is plugged directly into the wall ethernet port. And then I have a wireless router plugged into another wall ethernet port that I use for wireless access for my MacBook, iPad and iPhone and AppleTV.

    My question is that in the finder on my new iMac, it is showing around 8-10 different Mac devices that are not mine (time capsules and other macs).

    Why are they showing up? Is there a way to get rid of them?

    They aren't showing on my MacBook so I'm not sure why the iMac is seeing them and the MacBook isn't. Any help is appreciated! :-D
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    Oct 25, 2007
    Because your iMac is plugged into the wall, it's probably in the same broadcast domain as the devices you're seeing. Since your MacBook is behind a router, it is not in the same broadcast domain, therefore it cannot see these other machines. If you put your iMac behind the router you won't see the machines any more.
  3. switon, Dec 18, 2012
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    RE: two networks...

    Hi crepotski,

    I believe you have two different networks, the ethernet LAN is connecting all users in your building on the same router and you all have IPs for the same subnet. Your wireless router has its own IP subnet assigned by you to your wireless LAN. Your wireless LAN is different from the building's ethernet LAN, hence one can't see the other excepting through your wireless router than acts as a gateway. Thus your iMac sees everyone in your building on its ethernet LAN while your MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and ATV only see the devices connected wirelessly to your own router.


    Edit: I see PurrBall beat me to the punch...good job.
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    If you want to keep your iMac off the public network, you could connect your iMac to the wireless router (via a ethernet cable if it has ethernet ports or via wireless).

    You could also turn on the Mac's Firewall to hide your iMac from the others on that network.

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