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Jan 17, 2013
Even though I use my iPad Pro for work I do agree with those who say it could have been more pro than it is. Having thought about how that would happen I came up with the following concept.

It includes the addition of a second Lightning port either for using multiple existing accessories or a new USB C adapter than in turn works with some dock style adapters to extend functionality.

It also includes the change from iCloud Drive to Drive for the addition of USB storage support, the evolution of Airplay into Aircontrol for wireless control of a Mac, and a few other things.

PS: No, I cannot draw to save my life.



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Aug 29, 2009
Two Lightning ports for potential USB-C adapters? Why not just... use USB-C ports?

Unless you're trying to cater to Apple, that is. But then you wouldn't be including USB storage support in your concept...


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Jan 17, 2013
I have nothing against Lightning. It introduced a small, reversible, multi-purpose connector years ago, while USB C is only just coming out, and getting emergency protocol patches to prevent the onslaught of cheap cables from killing more devices than they already have. A Google engineer is now warning people to stay away from some of the most recent devices using USB C because companies have already started to use the physical connector to go outside the boundaries of the protocol standard for it:

I currently have multiple Lightning adapters that cost me an arm and a leg that I would have preferred to keep...4 iPads ago. They have served me through each iPad switch, never had any issues with them, and in terms of cost per use they certainly are cheaper than pretty much any other thingamajig with a connector I have.

In the same amount of time I started having fewer and fewer devices with mini USB (still have some), more and more with micro USB. Just got my first ever USB C enabled accessory. With the single device I still have that uses USB B, that's 4 different standards I have now for USB cables alone (5 if you count the A end, 6 if you count the OTG-enabled adapters with more pins for microUSB, 7 if you do the same for miniUSB).

I have HDMI cables, but also mini HDMI and micro HDMI adapters, as well as a few MHL adapters. While I was using a Pebble I had two different magnetic charger cables, which obviously were different from the clip-on cable that came with my Sony smartwatch before that and the other Sony smartwatch I had before that again. Thankfully the MP3 player era is over, as the Samsung cable I had for one of those is easy to confuse with the proprietary Sandisk cable they used before they switched to mini USB (I never bought the new ones with microUSB). None of the three laptops I have use the same charger, which then leaves my Nintendo 2DS' charger as the final cable mess I have (not counting router and anything else with a smaller DC power supply).

Dual Lightning connectors allow the continued use of Lightning accessories. It also allows for more stability as it provides two connecting points to any larger accessories (such as the stand).

Ofc Lightning + USB C would be another option rather than 2x Lightning, but at the rate that the USB C community is both changing their minds and destandardizing their own standards, it's probably a good idea to put as few non-Apple connectors on things as possible.
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Feb 1, 2015
This has some great ideas, but post Steve jobs the only new iPads we're going to see is iteration with a slight spec bump and call it the iPad Pro 2.


Jul 18, 2011
Your art is still way better than mine at any rate.

That said, I don't see Apple adding more ports to the iPad. They seem content to strip away everything but the barest of essentials in the name of simplicity and minimalism, then selling you expensive adaptors to fill out those niche needs. I am not sure if an ethernet port makes any sense, but it technically can be done by combining the powered USB adaptor with the USB-to-ethernet cable.

I am not sure Apple intends for the iPad to be docked to a monitor setup the same way you would with a laptop. For instance, instead of using the iPad Pro as a Wacom tablet, why not simply draw on the iPad directly and export the image directly?

A funny thought - what if the inclusion or the change of lightning to USB-C could allow us to use the same USB / power / display adaptor that is currently sold alongside the Macbook? Connect a powered USB Hub to that adaptor and you would then be able to do everything else.
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