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    I'm a big fan of the functionality added by Messages+, especially how nicely it integrates with the stock Messages app. But, I don't think it fits graphically that well with stock iOS. It feels like Messages+ is a tacked on addition to iOS rather than a seamless part of the experience. This is mainly because the tweak was made in the early days of iOS 5 and hasn't really been updated since. This is concept for how a quick reply function could blend more naturally with current iOS (either as a revision to Messages+ or as a completely new tweak).


    Here are the major revisions I propose:

    • Currently, when you quick reply to a message, either by tapping a banner or sliding a lock screen notification, the Messages+ interface just appears over whatever you were doing. Nothing else in iOS really behaves this way. Also, the semi-transparent background is a bit distracting if there is text behind it. I would propose that when a person initiates a quick reply, the screen would slide up, much like it does for the multitasking interface or when using the lockscreen camera grabber, revealing the Messages+ interface below. The background would then be solid, so it wouldn't be as distracting. When the message is sent, the screen would slide right back down. See the concept gif above.
    • The developers of Messages+ tried to use the linen texture to make a top nav bar that blended with the overall theme. But, the bar has an odd (and ugly) white line on the bottom, and the cancel button is not circular for some reason. In iOS 6, there were several new Siri features that required the addition of a linen nav bar graphic that wasn't there in iOS 5. I propose that this bar be used, as it is better looking and blends more naturally with stock iOS.
    • The quick reply dialog uses the Messages icon on the top left, which serves no actual purpose. I suggest replacing that button with a "call" button. Also, the x button could be changed to a larger "cancel" button, which would be easier to tap.

    • The quick compose function is a bit out of place in iOS 6. Like the quick reply feature, it appears over whatever is happening. It can be called from the Notification Center with a button on the lower right. And the compose screen has a ton of blank space where previous message bubbles would go. Except, none are loaded since it is a new message. I would suggest changing the quick compose feature to a share-widget like the Facebook/Twitter widgets in NC. Instead of having a button in the lower right, we could have a "Tap to Compose" button like the share widget or the "Compose" tweak in Cydia. The animations for the widget would be the same as the FB/Twitter widgets, and the widget would slide away as soon as the text is sent. Also, the appearance would change based on if an SMS or iMessage was being sent, and photos/videos would be supported. Click on the concept images below to enlarge.

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    What do you guys think? Would this be an improvement? Any idea of how we could get this actually made? I emailed the folks at Intelliborn. But, given their track record of slow updates and buggy software, I'm not holding my breath that anything like this will ever be implemented into Messages+.
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    I like it a lot. Especially the widgets. I would definitely like to see them incorporate older texts into the compose window - that's why I don't use Messages+

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