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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mic j, Apr 16, 2012.

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    I have a 2 disc concert video set. The first disc contains 4 titles (the main concert plus 3 extra's). The second disc contain about 40 titles (different songs, interviews, extra music tracks, etc). Normally, you would use the dvd menu to navigate to all of these different titles but with the aTV that is not an option. Can anyone suggest a way to deal with this? I don't think I want to create about 45 different title files. I would love to be able to just copy the whole disc and make each "title" a chapter. Any way to do that? Handbrake only lets me make individual title files. Could I do that then "merge" them all in to a single mp4 and then place chapter markers? Just not quite sure how to tackle this one as I usually am satisfied with just main movie rips.
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    I would like to know as well as I enjoy many concert DVD's/ Blu-Ray's. I don't have as many extra files as the OP but usually about 4-6 extra songs that are not part of the main title.
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    A little more information: all of the titles were taken from a full disc rip (iso). I have taken the isos and run it through makemkv which then yields about 4 titles for disc 1 and 2 titles for disc 2. So I think it is taking a lot of the "sections" and combining them into a longer title. That's a good thing. I think at that point you could either treat each title as a separate movie (for instance: extras part 1, part 2, etc) or merge the titles into a single title using mkvmerge. I'm open to more ideas, though.

    Update: Never mind. Got it all figured out. The multiple titles were actually the way they gave you to play the video in parts. So title 1 was the full movie, title 2 was the 1st half, title 3 was the second half.

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