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    Hi, i know sometime ago i already made a topic about bootcamp and fan noise, but now i would like to make a more direct question, is there anything , any simple settings change in Windows (bootcamp, using 8.1 pro here but soon 10 pro) that can help my rmbp15 (mid 2014 nvidia card) to be quieter when using windows? I know theres programs that are heavy on cpu and nothing can be done, they make the fan works on OSX too, but if only this machine could work when using Windows like its works when using OSX would be like a dream machine for me.Thanks.
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    Really you should just check your processes and performance of Windows in Task Manager and see if any task(s) are using a lot of CPU cycles, which in turn will heat up the Mac and cause the fans to spin up.

    Are you doing any CPU intensive tasks in Windows?
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    I´ve been doing that , checking task manager, i know some of the programs i´m using use a lot of resources so i already accepted that´s the way that it is when using those.. but the problem is now it seems the fan it´s almost constantly on, even when i just do some web surfing , the same web surfing i do in OSX and that it´s beautifully quieter!
    So you guys think the main solution could be going to task manager and check what uses more cpu, memory and try to check if those can be or not turn off? There´s NO.. some settings change in windows or some golden rule every mac user do when installing windows that apply to this situation (noise)?
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    No your solution will be finding a windows program to control the fans to allow it to run as hot as Apple does by default with their fan control. It has been my experience that Apple likes to run a machine as hot as possible before the fans kick in to keep fan noise at a minimum. If you get temperature monitoring program in both OSs you will see what I mean windows goes for cool over quiet Apple the opposite.
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    fan control programs seems to come up when i read about this topic, i didn´t yet try to see how that works cus din´t know well what it is and the concept behind it but your sentence ".. I mean windows goes for cool over quiet Apple the opposite." may have explained it to me and i think its time for me to go check this.. thank you.
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    I believe the Bootcamp/Windows only uses the dGPU (Nvidia), it doesn't see/use the iGPU. The full time use of the dGPU results in increased heat and fan speeds.

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