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    Stupid Alert. :)


    I just set up my Apple Pay.

    Think i have done it right.

    Need to confirm before i go somewhere today that I have done it correctly.
    Don't want to get stuck with it not working.

    I am correct in saying that i dont need any other apps, other than the Wallet and then my banking, visa, debit, etc, cards installed, correct?

    When I see a cash that will accept Apple Pay, I just need to aim it towards the machine and then and only then, the fingerprint scan will pop up, I will press my finger on it and then the default debit card will pop up, show me the price and then i press OK to pay correct?

    I saw a couple quick videos but they seemed to be pressing on something other than the wallet, hence, I just want to be sure that I am not missing a required app, beforehand.

    Thanks. Apologize for the stupid question :)
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    Passbook. Ok THAT's the one. Do I need that? Thought it all worked with the Wallet automatically?

    Edit: Ok see wallet was once called passbook so the same app
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    There is no guarantee it will work even at places that explicitly accept it so take other forms of payment.

    One thing to check is that you have the correct billing address selected for each card.

    Aside from that, it's super simple. If you want to use the default card, just hold phone near reader with finger on Touch ID and wait. You'll see confirmation on the screen and you're done!
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    Double tap the home button if it's locked and it'll read your fingerprint, you can do this before you touch the terminal.

    If it's unlocked then you can go into passbook select the card scan your fingerprint and tap the scanner.

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