CONFIRMED: Apple Developer Enrolment is STILL on the Blink

Discussion in 'App Store Business, Legal and Marketing' started by heyadrian, Aug 16, 2013.

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    As of 10:00am GMT today (August 16, 2013), I've confirmed that Apple still have problems with the enrolment services when it comes to the developer member centre. Despite their development status page ( confirming everything is up, the one thing that doesn't show is their 'verification/identification systems' (if you'd call them that). What does concern me is that despite the phone call I made, it still says that 'Program Enrollment and Renewals' is up...

    I've opened up a second company which needs another Developer Account and it's been pending since July, 25, 2013.

    Initially, it was due to my entity name (company name) having a word in it which infringed upon one of Apple's myriads of trade-names. Luckily enough, as it's a new company i could easily change the company name (at a cost thanks to stationary), so resubmitted it.

    Despite them already having my DUNS number, which still links to the same company, just with different details; They've confirmed over the telephone that they were NOT able to complete the verification/identification process.

    I never knew that pointing Safari at was a security risk to get company details which are... already public.

    During the developer portal blackout, I contacted Apple and confirmed that the company name had changed, and that both DNB and the local Companies House (UK Company Registration) had successfully updated my details.

    The gentleman I spoke to checked their 'database' and alas.. The old company name showed up. Despite pointing him at the DNB website and having him confirm visually that it is indeed correct, he told me that they database which is supplied to them by DNB is only updated once a month.

    I'm lost for words how inefficient this department is, I would have thought that the primary role of any development department was to get any system more efficient.

    Luckily enough, I have the telephone number and ext. of a senior Adviser in the development department which I can call at 16:00 GMT today... That is when the US opens their office doors.

    I'll keep you posted....

    Anyway, I thought I'd update everyone here incase it hasn't already been reported.


    Adrian S
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    Aug 14, 2011
    Just to add. I've tried to call the senior advisor up (Brian B), I won't mention the full name out of due respect, but I just got voicemail. I'll keep trying and update as I go along to keep you lot up to date!
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    I wouldn't say the enrollment is still on the blink, which means, to me, it's not working for most people. I would say that one might experience delays if you need to change your company name in the middle of the enrollment process.
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    Aug 14, 2011
    Right, yes it is on the blink. I've spoken to my contact (senior dev assistant) and the company identification is on the hold-down at the moment. That's why it's on the go slow.

    During the last conversation (which was over an hour long) with him, he talked me through a workaround which can easily be reverted to a company account when their DNB verification is back online.

    1) Create an Apple Dev account using the company email address you wanted to
    2) Sign up with all personal information (leaving organisation blank)
    3) Choose which programs you want to sign up for
    4) Pay for them as INDIVIDUALS using your own details, not the company details
    5) Wait for confirmation
    6) When this happens and it's confirmed, keep all of your details
    7) Wait for the company enrolment to come back online
    8) Contact Apple Dev support and have your account upgraded to business

    Now I don't know if I was a special case as I had a contact, but it's worth calling up and asking if you can upgrade in general. Luckily i won't have to publish anything new any time before the opening of the portal (properly) again.

    First check with apple before you pay, please.... I can only confirm this as I have a contact.


    Adrian S


    I've confirmed this personally on the phone by calling an Senior Apple guy in the US. Thats why I and to wait until this time today to call him. Confirmed and resolved.

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