CONFIRMED: Italian iPhone not being sim or operator locked

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kaworu1986, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Jul 5, 2007
    From "In alcune dichiarazioni rilasciare a Macity sia Vodafone che Tim hanno precisato che i cellulari proposti per i piani ricaricabili sono liberi da qualunque vincolo hardware o software che li obbliga a funzionare su reti specifiche", meaning both Vodafone and TIM have confirmed that iPhones sold on Pay As You Go won't be locked to a particular SIM or carrier.

    The website further details that in order to use the iPhone on a carrier other than these two, users will have to manually input connection settings (such as APN etc.)

    Finally, according to the website, even phones sold on a contract will, in fact, be unlocked: it however details both carriers have taken steps to make sure customers won't be able to walk away from the contract for cheap.


    google translation:

    Anyone else thinking about importing? 499 and 569 euros for unlocked 8 and 16 GB models seems an awfully good deal to me.
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    I find it weird, and have just stated such in another thread that the UK iPhone page at the Apple Online Store says "wireless operator" required, not O2 contract/connection and also that O2 says Apple will be selling the iPhone at their stores - not something declared by Apple in the UK, but something they are doing in the USA.

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