Carrier Conflicting Info on AT&T Next program and Mobile Share Value plan

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 1984, Sep 26, 2014.

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    I am currently on the 200MB plan (ugh) with 200 texts a month and 450 minutes for talk and so I'm in desperate need of upgrading...

    According to Apple's "iPhone Plans Comparison" chart linked from the Apple Store it shows that AT&T's "Mobile Share Value" plan would be $65 a month for 1GB of data with unlimited talk and text but toggling between the "Mobile Share Value" and "AT&T Next" tabs drops that price down to $50. If I understand this correctly there is a $15 discount applied to the "Mobile Share Value" plan when upgrading through the AT&T Next program?

    However, when I spoke with AT&T they were adamant that the price of $65 already includes the AT&T Next discount and that the $50 Apple lists is in error. Could that be right? That's not how it reads to me and that would be a huge blunder would it not? Still, I don't want to risk it without asking here first. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    For 1GB on BYOD/NEXT, it's $25 base + $40 line charge - $15 BYOD/NEXT discount = $50/month. That said, you save money forgoing the BYOD/NEXT discount and just going on 2-year contract.

    I think the AT&T rep may be confusing it with the 2GB plan which is $65 with BYOD/NEXT discount ($40 base + $40 line charge - $15 BYOD/NEXT discount = $65/month).
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    That must be it because both the 1GB and 2GB plans show up as $65 on the AT&T website and when I asked why that's when things derailed. Still, I was told that all the plans Apple listed were wrong including the $45 300MB plan so that led to more confusion.

    Am I correct in that the proper order to do this in is to buy the iPhone 6 on the Apple Store first using the NEXT option and only after receiving and activating it should I go to the AT&T website and switch over to the Mobile Share Value plan?

    Right now I'm in the middle of a 2-year contract so the discount isn't that great and I'd like to get off of those and upgrade every year. I'll have to look at the pricing again and make sure it makes sense.

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