Confused About Display Color Calibration Expert Mode

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by leerkeller, Sep 9, 2013.

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    Nov 1, 2011
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    Okay, so you go through the expert mode and use the sliders and that determines the native gamma of the display. Then it suggests that you use a gamma of 2.2. What is the whole point of the going through all of those steps just to set the gamma at 2.2. Is there anything else that using the sliders and going through those steps does? I had previously assumed that the native gamma was like an absolute value, sort of like how a display has a contrast ratio defined from the factory, but I guess that is wrong.

    One other thing that I don't understand. A tutorial on using the display calibrator mentioned that you calibrate based on a profile that is the most closely related to your display. I had assumed that doing calibration was creating a totally new color profile. What influence does the base profile you select and then calibrate from have on the end result?
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    Nov 1, 2011
    Baltimore, MD
    One further thing I just noticed that confuses me even more. When I went through the expert mode calibration and got to the gamma screen and selected the native gamma box it moved the slider to the value of 1.97. Then I unchecked the use native gamma and the slider was still at 1.97 but it looked much different than when the naive gamma box was checked. I need to stop trying to figure out how it works because I am getting a headache, hopefully someone can explain it to me.
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    If you don't understand the settings, don't use expert mode.

    Apple displays comes with pretty good preset. If you don't know what you are doing you might set it worst than factory setting.

    If you really care, buy a hardware calibrator.
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    Graphics monitors should be calibrated more than once. In that - some people opt for once a week or once a month or quarterly. I highly suggest you get a good 3rd party tool to calibrate your monitor if you are indeed serious about the calibration. Also gamma 2.2. is not the end all for monitors and you also need to consider other adjustments related to contrast, variants from colour shifting and more plus what lights are in the room you are working in with that monitor.

    There are several photo sites that offer up explanations and suggestions for 3rd party calibration tools. In your case, you need to know the "space" your monitor can handle and what you need for output (sRGB aRGB etc.).

    I find Apple displays a tiny bit lacking in the calibration department in both the offered Apple solution so to speak and the monitors themselves. However, they can be calibrated and they are decent to work with. I do photo related work and elected to go with a 3rd party monitor that I felt met my 'graphics' needs. Makers such as NEC (PA series), Eizo and a couple of others make some very good "graphics" monitors.
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    I noticed that Yosemite no longer has expert options and my display is in dire need to be adjusted....the presets don't cut it. Does anyone know f a third party app or preference that does this? Thank Yu
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    Which version of Yosemite do you have? Mine most certainly has Expert Mode.

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