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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Mjmar, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm hoping there is someone who is in the same position as me - I currently have an iPhone 6 on AT&T and am grandfathered into an unlimited data plan. I would like to buy the iPhone SE today buy I am not sure how to do this while keeping my unlimited data plan. I saw on Apple's website that I could buy the "AT&T" version of the phone or the SIM free version of the phone. I have 3 questions:

    1. If I buy the "AT&T" version will that force me to upgrade my unlimited plan to a new plan?

    2. Is the "AT&T" version locked to AT&T even though it is the same price as the unlocked version?

    3. If I get the SIM free unlocked version will I be missing out on specific AT&T bands?

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    - Pay full price upfront and tell them you don't want to change your plan at all.
    - Insist on seeing that your plan wasn't changed.
    - Double check that your plan wasn't changed later when you get home.
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    The sim-free version is the same as the AT&T version.
    If you buy the sim-free you can just switch your current sim-card to the new one and that shouldn't change anything to your plan
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    This is the correct answer. ;)
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    Does the SE need an updated SIM card? I have a 5S and a 5 that I'm going to replace .... will Apple pay etc. be functional in an SE if I use an older SIM card?
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    No worries, all the basic iPhone SE features will work using your existing AT&T Nano-SIM. However, when you insert your existing Nano-SIM into the iPhone SE and it connects to the AT&T network, you may receive a text asking you to upgrade to a new Nano-SIM.

    Don't panic, your iPhone will continue to work just fine on the AT&T network, you just will not all the benefits of the network.

    Note: Your existing Nano-SIM may already be new enough, that's why the you might not get the "free" SMS txt message about a need to upgrade.

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    1. No if you purchase "Pay in Full" from Apple, using your existing number for an AT&T model, you get a new iPhone SE with a pre-installed Nano-SIM that will replace your current iPhone 6 on your current line of service with no other changes to your plan.

    2. No, if you purchase "Pay in Full" from Apple, it is unlocked just like the SIM-Free model

    3. No, for the iPhone SE it is the exact same model and bands as the iPhone SE for the AT&T / T-Mobile ( only thing missing is a pre-installed Nano-SIM

    Note: "Pay in Full" is a termed used on the site and means Full price, No Commitment price, No contract price.

    Note: LTE Bands for iPhone SE:


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