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    Oct 31, 2010
    So while I'm invested on the Android side of things when it comes to my phone and my watch, I am part of the Apple ecosystem when it comes to tablets (Air 2, Mini 3) and my iPod Touch 6th Gen.

    I use Google Photos primarily to back up all my photos on my Android phone, but the app on iOS isn't as feature-rich as Android, and this goes for a few other apps like Plex as well.

    So what I decided to do is pay $0.99 to try out how I like iCloud and see if it was a worthy investment of $12 / year, particularly because I would then have everything sync to my iOS tablets with a little extra leg work.

    I decided to work from my desktop (better upload speeds, organization, etc.) and I logged on to --> Photos to begin my task of uploading the contents of folders to the appropriately labelled and newly created albums.

    For example: The contents of Disneyland Aug 2015 would go into an album titled "Disneyland Aug 2015"; and that way I don't have to add the images into an album after uploading.

    After I uploaded most of them, I switched over to my iOS devices, turned on iCloud Photo Library, set it so it 'optimizes the library' instead of downloading the originals and waited... I wasn't too happy, and I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong.

    1) iPod Touch takes forever to download the pictures. Granted it's only a 16 GB model, but I have about 1.5 GB free. Compared to my Air 2, I have about 17k photos out of the 21k on the tablet.

    2) I try to open one of the non-downloaded images (white screen, with a cloud on the bottom right). The cloud changes into a loading circle, but stops 1/4 of the way through. I leave it on for 5, 10 minutes and it's still there. It's not downloading or anything.

    3) Mini 3 doesn't want to update at all. I have the settings correct, the proper iCloud account, etc. but it doesn't want to recognize the albums or anything.

    4) The albums on the Air 2 are correct, but some of the images inside the albums are missing. Say an album X had 17 images uploaded on / it shows up as 17 images on; well, I only got 1-2 images on my Air 2. The images download much quicker on the Air 2 though.

    I have a pretty decent internet connection (150/50), so I'm confused if the hardware on the Touch is the reason for it's slowness, or if this is a general iCloud issue.

    I do like the iOS integration, which is why I decided to purchase additional iCloud storage and decided against using Google Photos only. I'm new to iCloud Photo Library, and while I have tried to read as much as I can, I'm just lost right now.

    I'm wondering if this takes a few days to 'settle in', or something. I wouldn't imagine that to be the case, but who knows.

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    Sep 16, 2016
    As you suggested at the bottom of your post, it does take a while to settle and catch up with itself. Uploads are painfully slow, even on a brilliant internet connection (took me 3 weeks to upload 200GB+ and a few more days for other devices to sync).

    I guess there's a lot going on even after the photos and videos are uploaded, and once photos are downloaded to your other devices, they all have to index on that device (for things like searching and face recognition) which can further bog down your device.

    Best thing I can advise is to keep your devices plugged into the charger and connected to wifi.... then wait! It will get better!
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    I have no issues with uploads, but I see very slow downloads for anything iCloud Library related. Strangely enough, iCloud Drive downloads are pretty fast.

    Smart folders are not synced yet, which is pretty annoying for me, as I have most of my albums like that.

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