Confused about iTunes and syncing and libraries

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    Aug 25, 2011
    Ok so here's situation...

    1. My personal laptop is broke and haven't used iPad at all on it.

    2. The first laptop I have set up my iPad with was my work laptop.....this laptop had a previous user who also had iTunes synced with her iPhone for work. I have had to give laptop back to work as a new temp is starting and I'm off on leave atm. I will get it back in a few months.

    3. So I installed iTunes on dads computer and synced my iPad, however it said I was synced to another iTunes library and to sync to the new one on dads computer then in would have to erase all pics and music. So I decided I would just do that as I only have photos from holiday on which I can add again and a few songs (iPad only new so still loading stuff on)

    I'm wondering how come I was still tied to the other library? I had Deauthorised the work laptop from computer? I had to uninstall the iTunes from then laptop also. So now what?

    I authorised my dads computer for my iPad so what do I do? This kinda confuses me. I don't want to erase everything every time I wanna sync with the iTunes library, there'd be no point in it all then. Maybe I'm missing something? I'm an apple newbie (bar the first ever iPods lol)...and I just can't get my head around syncing and different computers...I need know, especially as I'm will be getting either a new windows laptop or (hopefully) a new MacBook pro .....

    So that's where you guys come in? Help! ... What do I do?


    Confused! Lol
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    Nov 10, 2010
  3. snowydog thread starter macrumors 6502

    Aug 25, 2011
    I dunno if I'm being really dumb, but I couldn't find much on it about multiple computers and my specific problem :eek:
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    If you had all the media on the laptop you gave back, then the new iTunes on the different computer won't have it, hence a different library file. You needed to copy your iTunes folder from the work laptop and put it on the new computer.

    Do you have all the media from the old laptop?

    If not, you can get your stuff off your iPod/iPad by using sharepod, or detune.

    You really should do a bit of research before just doing stuff like that.

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