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    Hi all, I am wanting to use notes on my iphone and in mail but am slightly confused as to which one of the various notes I have. In mail there are On my Mac, .mac and gmail listed under notes and then on my iphone there are "from my mac, my address, a (hosted with google aps) and address. Then in mobile me there is just one "notes" folder under folders.

    firstly do notes now sync over the air?

    Secondly, which one do I need to use so that I can have my notes on my mac, iphone and mobile me?

    Just a bit confused with the notes accounts overload! :)
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    Jul 17, 2008
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    If in iTunes you have sync notes selected then it will sync the notes you have saved locally on your computer.

    If in the mail > mobileme setup you have it set to sync notes, then those would be over the air.

    Gmail would be over the air as well, etc..

    As far as which to use. That's really just preference, but there is no need to use more than one.

    For me I use the on my mac notes and have deleted the other ones (, gmail, etc..) The reason I went for on my mac is the one didn't exist prior to a few weeks ago as far as I recall.

    I think I will switch to just for the simplicity of being able to go on to update/make new notes should the need ever arise.

    Again just depends on your preference, but you only need one.

    Hope this helps
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    Jul 17, 2008
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    I can see my Notes from my iPhone in a Notes Folder in Email. I can see it updates quickly. But I don't see how to change it on MobileMe. How would you do that?

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