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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by brenda TN, Feb 22, 2012.

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    I can't figure out how I need to set my workflow with my pictures. I just bought Lightroom 3 after using the LR4 beta. Up till now I imported from my camera into iphoto and did all my editing in photoshop elements 8. I have Bridge but didn't use it much. I am working on a macbook. I would leave most of my favorites in iphoto and put the rest in folders on an external drive.
    Now what should I do? Should I totally quit iphoto and empty all pics out in different folders on my hard drive? Should I use Lightroom to get the pictures from the camera or Bridge? It is a pain to export the original from iphoto. Thanks for any suggestions
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    It's a big question - and it's a big project.

    Different people will have slightly different answers, so this is just a personal response.... but I believe it's fairly typical.

    I use LR3 for 90% to 95% of my photo needs.

    - I import from my camera directly into LR. I may need to import in batches, so that I can keyword similar groups of images. Saves time later. (btw - I don't format my memory card for at least one day - my LR images are automatically backed up nightly, so I wait for that 1st backup cycle before formatting the card).
    - At some point I will sort the images in LR. Obvious duds get flagged for deletion (there is very quick way to flag for deletion in LR - look it up under "flags" in Help). Then I refine the keywords to make it easier to find them later. I use LR's default folder structure, and use keywords and collections to group images together.
    - I do some quick rating (stars). Basically I go through the images and mark all images that are "not bad" or better with a single star. Then I filter on the 1 star (all the "bads" are now invisible) and give a 2nd star to all images that are "OK" or better. This takes only a short time, and eliminates a lot of images from the pool. I'm a pack-rat, so I keep these images... I just don't look at them much, at this time.
    - Then I start paying a bit more attention and pick a number of images that are worthy of a 3rd star. I check sharpness and and not-obvious clipping at this point. This takes longer, but I have only a short list to work with.
    - Filter on 3 stars, repeat, rinse for 4th and 5th stars.
    - I do most of my editing in LR as well. I will go to Photoshop when required, but edited images come back to LR. It's all automatic anyway.
    - I use virtual copies if an image may need to be presented in fundamentally different ways.
    - I use export presets to ensure consistency when images are sent to their various final destinations.
    - I use Collections, Folders of Collections, and Smart Collections to sort my images into projects, client files, etc.
    - I happen to be used to the way that Aperture creates books - so I keep a copy of Aperture around for book-making. I export the candidate images (already tweaked and edited) to a folder, and import that folder into Aperture to create the book. But I don't use Aperture to do anything else the images in Aperture. Aperture is just iPhoto on steroids - so you may want to do the same thing with iPhoto. I don't bother with any of the sorting or keywording Aperture, since all I want Aperture to do is layout the book. Next thing I want to learn with LR is how to create books with it. There are several solutions... I just need to spend the time to learn them.

    I put *all* images into a single folder structure for LR to use. This makes it a breeze to back up. Both the nightly auto back ups, and the occasional copy to an external HDD that gets taken off-site. I like LR's default structure - which is to create a folder for each year, and then a folder under each year for each day that you import photos. Works for me.

    I've never used Bridge.... but from people have told me it doesn't bring anything to the table that LR doesn't do better.

    Hope this helps.

    Adobe has some great learning resources on their website.
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    I appreciate you laying it out like this. This is what I needed. I plan to print it and study. I have been using the LR4. It has a book mode in it. Thanks again

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