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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by GraphicsGeek, Aug 8, 2010.

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    Sep 19, 2008
    Long story short: I am trying to sell 2 32GB iPhone 3GS' on craigslist and the craigslist police are in full force and keep flagging my ad. Theyve done it 3 times today. Discussing it in the forums, Im told my price is too high and they say I should price them under $200. So I laughed in their face and am going to throw them up on fleabay.

    My problem is that the iPhones do not have SIM cards with them and are on the "connect to iTunes" screen. I want to get to the home screen to jailbreak and unlock so they can sell for a little more. So how do I hacktivate these days? Both iPhones are on 4.01. One of them has been jailbroken/unlocked before but Im not sure if it kept the old baseband or not. The other is completely vanilla (I believe thats the right term for never been jailbroken/unlocked).

    Now, I have a MicroSIM to regular SIM adapter if I need to take the SIM out of my iPhone 4, but dont want to screw anything up with my account. But, if I do that, will the phone turn on and go to the home screen? Or would I have to activate it through iTunes, pop out the SIM, put it back in my iPhone 4 and reactivate? Id rather just hacktivate to avoid all that if possible. There are so many tools and methods out there, that its confusing. THanks for your help.
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    Well if you don't have SHSH blobs on file for either of them then your only choice would be to activate using your sim card. It's perfectly fine, you can take it out after.

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