Confused over what upgrade pricing will be

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sfscott, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. sfscott macrumors member

    Oct 13, 2008
    I bought a 3g in July 2008, and AT&T says that I can get an upgrade subsidy on 7/15/09.

    Does anyone know if this will be the full subsidy that drops the 32GB model to $299 or is it something less?
  2. Drumjim85 macrumors 68030


    Oct 7, 2007
    DFW, TX
  3. sfscott thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 13, 2008
    Not sure that's the case

    I can order today from AT&T at that price but the website says additional discounts may be available after 7/15/09.
  4. williamgallas10 macrumors regular

    Jun 1, 2009
    why dont you try and order it and see what they charge.
  5. dccorona macrumors 68020


    Jun 12, 2008
    i am also confused
    yesterday, i qualified for the $499 price, and no upgrade date was given
    today though, i must pay full price ($699), and am upgrade eligible in march

    i purchased my 3G on launch day, and I upgraded from an original iPhone, so from other reports, I should be eligible 12 months after purchase (this july), but I am not, and i cant even get the early upgrade price

    im starting to think that theyre still getting this upgrade thing worked out, and will have issues with those that have already preordered

    i also think that for some reason, getting your iPhone replaced may have an effect on your eligibility date (ive had it replaced 3 times)

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