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Aug 8, 2023
DESIRED OUTCOME: I'm very frustrated trying to successfully transfer over data from my old XR (XR0) 256gb to my new XR (XR) 256gb, & I'd like to have both be identical & complete with all apps at IOS 16, so I can return the XR0, & keep the new XR
TRANSFER METHODS: 3 attempts each of Quick Start, iTunes, & iCloud

ESM: is currently on XR0 & I'd like to keep it on XR0, and then transfer it back to XR when the transfer is complete.

REPORTED ERRORS: 3 times each, iTunes gave a non-specific error message, while Quick Start stopped at 10% remaining with a simple message that user data transfer did not complete.

RESOURCES: Both use same ID, & share 50gb of iCloud storage (of which 163gb is available.

IOS VERSION: Both were upgraded to IOS 17 b3

AVAILABLE BACKUPS: XRO has one IOS 17 b3 backup & a few IOS 16 backups of varying sizes, while XR seems to have ONLY one 17 b3 backup. I'd like to return both phone to factory.

ITUNES: doesn't report any corruption issue or error message during restore but pops up a box that identifies 4 songs that are incompatible with my iPhone. Because I'd like to return later to convert them to a compatible format, I bypass the message with an OK.

CONTENT: XR has 1,291 songs, 2,310 photos, & 504 apps (& yes, I know), while XR0 only has 0 songs, 2,308 photos, & 5 apps

iCLOUD STORAGE CHOICES: Both have identical selections to store in iCloud

WHEW! Sorry for all of the detail, I anticipated what someone who might be interested in helping & guiding me might ask additional information for.

MY ASSUMPTION: from what I surmise is that what I MIGHT need is to use DFU to revert back to the last official 16 IOS, attempt to do the transfer once more with both at 16 so that any following factory reset returns to 16,6to that 16 iOS version & not the original one (or not) STAY at 16 until 17 is released.

LOG FILES ??? : I see logs in File Explorer, but they are in a format that I don't know how to interpret. Should I (can I) upload particular ones as attachments hee? What that be helpful to someone familiar with them?

OBSTACLE: whether you do recommend a Recovery or DFU (or even something more simple) and think it should do the trick. And direct me somewhere with "for dummies" steps to take to do the Recovery or DFU. I'm very nervous about this, need to retain ALL of my data, and not brick either phone.

Anyway, thanks for listening to and taking the time to read my latest novel (soon out in paperback), & my plea for help.



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Aug 25, 2016
I've seen reports that iCloud Backup is not working for others, that was the case for me for one of my devices running the betas. It's possible there is something wrong with iCloud at the moment, it's possible this is just an issue with backups in general.

Why not update both to the latest beta?

When I lost all my data for one device, I was forced to use an old backup made before upgrading to iOS 17, but the device was downgraded via DFU mode.

You can try updating both devices to iOS 17 b5 again in DFU mode, just make sure to select update and not restore. You won't lose any data, it is equivalent to doing the same on Mac when selecting install macOS.

Don't forget to download the iOS 17 beta file first and hold option while clicking on update. Apple will give you a prompt to let you know there won't be any data loss, but if it fails then it will demand you to restore, but you can simply ignore that and reboot.
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