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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by edtorious, Apr 27, 2011.

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    Me and my wife are on family plan on AT&T. I upgraded to iPhone 4 on June of last year but my wife who is on the 2nd line chose to wait for the White iPhone 4. She still has the iPhone 3G. I checked our contract and mine shows to expire of June 2012 and hers says her contract expired? That's where I got confuse, we are on a family plan so why would hers shows contract expired?

    And then if my wife decides to buy the White iPhone 4 tomorrow, is our contract going to change? So instead of the contract expiring on June 2012, it will now be extended for another 2 years? I'm confused, I mean her line is just the 2nd line of our family plan, mine is the main line. I thought when you have a family plan, all lines has same contracts. :confused: Please advise, any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    All lines do not have the same contract depending if you upgrade a certain line instead of another. Her line is probably expired but AT&T will not officially cancel the contract unless you call it in, so you are technically paying month-to-month now. If she gets a white iPhone 4 tomorrow at the 199/299 price point, her contract will end two years from today. Your line's contract will not change if her line is upgraded and vice versa.
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    Each line on your account is different and has different upgrade timetables. For example for master line will have the shortest time. I bought the iPhone 4 on launch day and I can do a full upgrade June 6, I think. Maybe it was the 24 but anyway it is in June of this year.

    Upgrading on your wife's line won't effect your line. They are all different contracts even though you are on one family plan.
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    Great answer, help me too! Now the case is so clear!

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