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    Mar 24, 2012
    Since enjoying an original iPad , ipad2 and now my new iPad, not to mention my intention to buy nothing until ip5 is here but anyway,
    Until my new iPad I never seemed to notice my device stays awake unless I put it down in mid application. If I walk away from it after closing an application or all of them my homepage stays on ( illuminated ).
    I do not remember ever having to operate the power button at anytime after putting any other iPad down to rest. They just blacked out.
    My New iPad, the third replacement device I have taken home do not. Technically I have since March16 , launch day. After receiving the new iPad on the 19 th , I have had 4 devices. Replacement after replacement for different issues obviously.
    Wifi , headphone jack hardware , etc. and yes, I always forget to bring this point up at the Genius Bar. Unbelievable !
    is there a problem with this current device ? It does not auto sleep , if I leave it at my homepage. It only auto sleeps if I put it down with an application running.
    It's just that Ido not remember ever having to shut any prior device off manually. Just to sleep , not completely off.:apple: Thanks again.:apple:
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    i have heard talk of a quirk in iOS 6 with the auto lock where it doesn't always trigger when on the home screen. THe guess is that push notifications or such are reading as activity and restarting the clock.

    It's also possible, if you used a backup via iTunes to restore your data, that you might have accidentally reinstalled some kind of corrupt data that is mucking up the system.

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