connect an HD onto a router?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by moey2k2001, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. moey2k2001 macrumors regular

    Aug 4, 2011

    how can I connect my 1TB external HD to the router and be able to access it from two macs? Is that possible?

    I access my internet through airport express. On my aiport I connecte a line out for music, printer and internet. Internet from router to airport.


  2. hafr macrumors 68030

    Sep 21, 2011
    You can not connect an external USB drive to the Aiport Express, the USB port is for printers only. But if your router has a USB port, just try it :)

    There are loads of routers to which you can connect a USB drive, the Airport Extreme for instance.
  3. moey2k2001 thread starter macrumors regular

    Aug 4, 2011

    I did that. I connected the HD to the router. But it didnt seem to show on any of my macs.

    I have to say though that the hd is connected to the router. The router is connected to the airport express. So technically I wont be able to access it wireless right?

    Or are there some settings I have to setup?
  4. hafr macrumors 68030

    Sep 21, 2011
    Well, there are loads of possible reasons to why it's not working. What router do you have? Maybe it doesn't support external drives. Maybe it only supports certain file systems (like you can't connect a drive formatted in exFAT to an Aiport Extreme). Or it's something else.

    I have to go, but try googling the name of the router to see if you find anything, or maybe someone else might help you. Good luck!
  5. skorpien macrumors 68020

    Jan 14, 2008
    Also, if your Express is connected to your router, you need to make sure the Express is set up in bridge mode. This allows the router to handle all of the routing function and makes the Express act as a wireless access point (WAP). With the Express set up as a router itself (default), it creates its own subnet and routes its own range of IP addresses, blocking access by any devices connected wirelessly to other devices connected to the main router (such as an HDD).

    You'll need to post a lot more information. For example, what is your router? What is your HDD? What file system is your HDD formatted? How is your Express set up? The more information you can provide the better.

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