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    Connect Poker is a new exciting card game variation where you must continually find the best poker hand out of a grid of 25 cards. You can select up to five cards as long as they are all touching each other. After playing a hand, the cards you used will disappear and earn you some cash, and then new cards will fall down to replace the ones you just used.

    This game works similarly to the popular word finding game "Boggle", except instead of finding words, you find poker hands, and the cards on the table change and move around.

    The goal of the game is to play strategically and set your grid up in such a way that you can find high paying poker hands. After you run out of possible hand combinations or play all 52 cards in the deck, the game will end and you will keep all the cash you earned. You can then use this cash for various upgrades that make each hand worth more money in the future.

    You can play the game for fun without any pressure, or you can play the Campaign. The Campaign currently features 25 levels where you must complete certain requirements such as earning enough cash or finding a certain number of hands in a single game to beat the level and unlock the next one.

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    App Store Link
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    Update 1.1 is available!

    - Tutorial added to main menu to help new players
    - 25 new campaign levels
    - View campaign level requirements and progress while playing
    - Ability to end "timed" games early if out of cards
    - Various graphics/animation upgrades
    - Minor bug fixes

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