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    Jul 12, 2010
    Hello, I am using a Macbook pro running leopard at home, and am trying to connect to my office server running server 2000, remotely to access my desktop, files, email, etc. My office server is setup to allow such traffic, and on any pc, I can simply go to my company's domain (essentially, select which server I wish to access, hit connect, and enter my user credentials. When attempting to go to this link on my Mac however, the connect button is greyed out.

    My question is, what do I need to have installed to make this work? Is there Mac support lacking on the server? Or is it a browser/activeX type issue?

    I installed Mac remote desktop client from Mactopia, and when the box asking the name of the computer I wish to access pops up, I tried entering the server domain name, as well as the server IP address, but neither of these worked.

    Any advice would be appreciated, as I am not the only user in the company that has a Mac, and we would all like to have access remotely to our work PC's and data.

    Thank you

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    Aug 31, 2006
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    RDC on Mac w/ Win 2k server

    I use RDP on my Mac for work all the time. I have yet to be able to connect to a Win 2000 Server via RDP with the official mac application. I can do it via any third party rdp client or from windows via bootcamp. I believe it states that the official mac rdp client it is compatible with 2k but I have never had any luck. You might wanna use a third party client like coRD. Better yet..upgrade your server! :p

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