Connect Switch to MacBook Pro Screen?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by MBX, Jan 31, 2018.

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    Hi there

    Is it possible to connect the Nintendo Switch to the MacBook Pro to use it as bigger screen on the go? Is there some HDMI dongle or something that would work?
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    You can use a video game capture device, but there will be plenty of lag unfortunately.
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    Yeah, I can conform that the Elgato does indeed work for doing this. (and is definitely one of the best ones out there for streaming videogames to another screen or computer). I have one of these at home which I got for my daughter for the purpose of creating YouTube videos. Tends not to lag when just streaming the videogame on its own.On this version of the device, the lag only happens if you're trying to do the whole YouTube style recording where it simultaneously has a face-cam over the top of it. (as the two audio and video streams simultaneously it becomes slightly too much to handle in real time, and pushes it beyond the limits of the Elgato). But for your purpose, it shouldn't have this problem, as you won't be putting a face cam over it anyway. When just streaming just the video-game on its own, there is no lag in either the video or audio, providing you're using the right settings. (ie: if you get lag on say the 60 frames per second setting, lowering it to 30 frames per second often solves this problem, and you get no lag at all)

    In addition to this, bare in mind also that it's only as fast as its weakest link in the chain, the other bottleneck can be either the cable, the adapter, or even the socket you're plugging it in to. (The USB 2.0 versions will definitely lag, whereas the 3.0 version works just fine).

    As in your case you're using thunderbolt, fortunately thunderbolt adapters have a much higher capability than USB 3 anyway, so should be able to handle it no problem.

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