Connect Time Capsule wirelessly to Airport Express wired to 3rd party router

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Snookerman, Sep 10, 2014.

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    I have a Netgear wireless router that I need to use in order to connect to the internet and there is only one Ethernet outlet in the wall which means all connections must go through the 3rd party router.

    I also have a Time Capsule (latest gen) which I want to connect through in order to get back-ups. Unfortunately, the Netgear router is high up on the wall in a very inconvenient spot and there is no way to put the Time Capsule there and there is no way to connect it with a cable to the Netgear router.

    Instead I managed to get a small AirPort Express (1st gen from 2011) connected to the Netgear router with an ethernet cable. I can now access the internet through the AirPort Express (or the Netgear router). I put the Express in bridge mode because AirPort Utility told me to.

    I have now turned on the Time Capsule (not connected to anything) and I can see the Time Capsule network but the Time Capsule doesn't show up in AirPort Utility as "Other Wi-Fi Devices". So how can I make the Time Capsule connect wirelessly to the AirPort Express? Thanks!
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    This pic is from Apple's web site - just mentally switch the Time Capsule and AE.

    Here is a video explaining it in detail.

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    Thanks! That's is just how I have it set up (with the TC and AE switched) but the Time Capsule doesn't show up in AirPort Utility when I'm connected to the Express and vice versa. So only the router I'm connected to shows up in AirPort Utility. I've read several guides online the they all say that the other router should show up under "Other Wi-Fi Devices" but mine doesn't.
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    Don't you just have the time capsule 'join a wireless' network from inside airport utility?

    You will probably have to connect your mac to the time capsule's default wifi network the first time in order to configure it.
  5. ColdCase, Sep 11, 2014
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    I'm thinking the TC needs to be connected to the internet to configure it when you are using the newest airport utility... or something like that. The older utility (no longer functions under mavericks) can be used to set the TC up stand alone.... or the older windose app.

    Let me check my notes and get back to you, unless someone jumps in here or says I'm confused.... or the note is irrelevant... :)
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    The only time it will show in the "Other Wi-Fi Devices" tab in AirPort Utility is if it is pending set up.

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