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    I know this might not be in the right place but since it does involve apple products, I thought i might give it a try. I DO own and USE apple products but just not much in this case. (I use both windows and mac)

    In my house now, I have a wireless network using airport extreme and airport expresses. I have a pc that is connected via a wireless usb adapter to that wireless network. This network has the ip of for the router. Now here is the problem. I need to have this computer connect with the internal Ethernet port to a different TP-Link Router with the router ip of Do I just plug them in and that's it? Or do i have to set priorities and choose which one it uses to connect to the internet. Also to connect to the BOTH routers can i also just enter the direct ip into the browsers even though one is and another

    Thanks in Advance

    P.S. Please give me EXACT steps and procedures, I'm not good at following directions. Using windows XP home edition.
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    You set the priority by the order of the interfaces in System Preferences..Network. Click on the gear and select "Set Service Order".

    Ops, sorry. I though you were asking about configuring a Mac. While I use XP I don't know how to prioritize network connections on it.

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