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    I have four computers in my home and when I am on the road with my iPad I would like to be able to connect to anyone of them at any time. I have one computer running Tiger, two running Leopard and one running Snow Leopard. They are all behind an Airport Extreme using DHCP from Comcast. Here is what I have done so far:

    1) I have obtained individual host names for each of them from
    2) I have downloaded Mocha VNC Lite for my iPad.
    3) I have turned Remote Management in the Sharing Prefs and under 'computer settings' selected 'VNC viewers may control....' and password protected it.
    4) I have gone into Airport Utility: manual setup, advanced, port mapping and set up apple remote desktop to one of the computers and this is where I get stuck.........

    ......when I try to create another port mapping link to a different computer (i.e. private IP address) I get an error. I know I can't use port 5900 for all of them but how do I set port 5901 for instance and how do I tell the computer I am trying to access that it should use that port?

    Or is this the wrong solution all together?
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    Answered my own question

    If anyone ends up here while searching how to connect to multiple computers behind an Airport Extreme this is the solution I found through another forum.

    Very simple after all. Just use Manual Setup, Advanced, Port Mapping, the plus button and enter your valid information. The Private TCP Port is 5900 if you activated Remote Management under the Sharing Preference on each of your computers. The Public TCP Port is 5901 for your first computer, 5902 for the second and so on. The Private IP address is the one your router assigns to each computer. The Public IP Address (not entered here) is the one your router gets from your ISP (Comcast, Qwest, etc).

    Leave the Service popup alone. When you click Continue the next page will allow you to name it something appropriate like “Office iMac”. Hope this helps someone. It took me several days to get to a good answer.

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