Connect to server when booted?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by illegalprelude, Aug 8, 2010.

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    Hi everybody. Quick question. How can I tell my Mac to connect to a server, once its booted?

    My server does appear under the "shared" category in finder so once Im booted, I have no problem accessing it but my iPhoto is also stored under there and in order for iTunes to talk with it properly, it needs that server to be connected to when I boot and I dont want to manually connect to the server every time.

    Currently, the method that I have and it works is that I just dragged the particular server folder as one of my "log in items" under system preference > Accounts > Login Items.

    Only issue with it is that once booted, finder opens the window as well. Its of course really no big deal, but wondering if I can just tell my Mac to connect to it, without that window popping up.
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    Click on the OS X desktop. In the menu items click on the word "Finder". Open Finder's Preferences and in there put a checkmark in "Connected Servers".
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    Try using Automator.
    Start a workflow as follows:

    "Get Specified Servers"
    and add you server eg:- smb://
    (you can add as many as you want here)

    "Connect to Servers"

    try running it to make sure it's working as expected.
    Once you are happy with the results save it as an application,
    then add the application to your login items.

    Also, make sure under the finder prefs that you have ticked the box to show connected servers on the desktop.

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