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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by imswimmin, Nov 19, 2011.

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    So here's my situation.

    I've got a beautiful 13" MBA 128 GB that I take with to school and my extra curricular activities. Additionally, I've got an HP Envy 14 that i USED to take with me to school and to these extra curricular activities. So basically, because I have a limited amount of space on my MBA, I connect to the HP remotely, through RDC, since I have internet everywhere I am at.

    This is great and all, and works magnificently for my traveling needs. What I've done is put the HP on a shelf in the corner of my room, with all the ventilation it needs, and leave it sitting there in "clamshell" mode.

    At home, RDC works perfectly fine for me, however it can get pretty slow and choppy to control it from my mac. I know that I *could* pull it out, open it up, and use it normally, but I was wondering if there was any solution that could utilize the fact that both are on a local network and perhaps speed up the connection. Anyone know anything out there, free, that would suit this need?

    PS: It isn't really that big of a deal -- I know. Just wondering if I could be blessed with something making life a bit more simple, and perhaps lazy. :D
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    Connect to Windows PC over LAN

    If you think about it, the MacBook Air, was made for networking. Generally speaking though, if you have two full-on PC's running off a single sharing server of a MBA things are going to get pretty choppy. There just isn't enough room for them to all run at a smooth rate when both are pulling from a single MacBook Air. Now, there is a possible solution, and I can definitely look into it further for you. There may be a program out there that allows you to control how much data you want each PC to pull from the MBAs sharing server. I will look into it further, as to I'd like to see if this can be pulled off at a smooth rate.
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    If it's slow and choppy, it means there's not enough bandwidth. That's understandable if your home network is also being used by other people. Try connecting it to the router with a wire, and see if that helps. That will drop the amount of data going wirelessly by 1/2.

    Although if you're trying to do something that needs real-time updating (eg watching a movie, playing a game) forget about it. RDC doesn't work like that, nothing will be able to supply the necessary bandwidth to drive a monitor wirelessly like that, without lag.

    I'm just curious, why aren't you just using it like a file server, why do you need to use it as a PC all of the time?
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    What address are you connecting to when you're at home with both computers on the same network?
  5. DouchGod macrumors regular


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    I have a simular setup, i run ultraVNC server on my windows desktop and use Chicken on my mac to connect to it when i'm at home. For WAN connections i use logmein.

    With this setup i have yet to experience any choppiness.

    Remember to change your connection IP Address to the local LAN IP when your at home, using your external one could be causing the choppiness.

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