Connect two routers together?

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    I use my iPad to watch live tv from my cable provider using my account at home home. It only works when Im connected to my home wifi with my account. Is there any way to allow my iPad to watch live tv on another wifi? I was thinking maybe there is a way to have my uncles wifi router connect through my home wifi so I can watch my iPad at his home?
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    You uncle's router works off his home network connected to his own ISP. As it appears you don't live with him, am not aware of any way he can connect his router to your network.

    Have you checked to see if there's an available app that will allow you to view your subscription via any WiFi connection?
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    If you set up a VPN server at your home you could connect to it with you iPad from anywhere and as far as most apps are concerned it would be as if you are at your home.

    Some routers, but not many, can create a VPN.

    You can set up a VPN on your home computer. The computer has to be running for you to access it, of course. Some minor configuration has to be done on your router as well.

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