connected to network but not connected to the internet

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by mifundum, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Jan 20, 2008
    Dear all!

    Im having a lot of problems with wireless network.
    I use a MacBook with Leopard.

    First of all: i am able to see and connect to most networks, however sometimes i am not! In this case i am not.

    I do have the wep code and i am able to see the network in my network list.
    When i enter the code i am connected to the network (this was before i installed leopard note even possible, it kept telling me `error with connecting to the network`)

    No i am connected and have full connection, i try to access the internet with safari and firefox BUT it keeps telling me that i am NOT connected to the internet and therefore i cannot visit websites or use msn, etc....


    Can someone please help me!!??

  2. Makosuke macrumors 603

    Aug 15, 2001
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    Well, nobody else is taking a shot, so:

    The first thing to look at is what exactly your network settings are, which might point in the right direction. While connected to this network but unable to get to the Internet, open up the Network System Preference, and have a look at the Airport item in the list. First, is its dot green? If not, you're not actually connected to the network properly--what does it say underneath?

    Either way, click on the AirPort item to select it, then click the "Advanced" button down at the bottom. Go to the TCP/IP tab and have a look at the IPv4 Address that it is showing; if there is no address, that indicates you're not getting one from the network hub, probably because you're not properly connected to it. If there is, what is it? Just give the number before the first period and after the last one, if you want to be cautious about security, although this would be an internal address that's meaningless outside of your network anyway. That is, you should see a number like, and the is enough to guess what's up.

    What is the address (if any) showing on the Router line (again, just the first and last blocks of numbers is enough)? That should, theoretically, be the network base station you're connected to. Assuming there are reasonable addresses showing for everything and the dot is green, the other thing to look at is a DNS problem.

    Easy experiment to test this--hardwire in the DNS servers from OpenDNS ( ); in that same Advanced pane, click on the DNS tab, and click the Plus symbol under the DNS Servers box, then enter (that's one of the servers available from OpenDNS--they also have instructions on that site for doing this if you don't trust random forum-posters to be plugging in DNS numbers.

    If after doing this, clicking OK, then clicking Apply at the bottom of the Network Preferences window, you can get to the internet, it's definitely a DNS issue.

    Those are some tests to start with, and my help me or others take a shot at a more specific solution.

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