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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by stevegaskin, Jan 8, 2014.

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    Jan 8, 2014
    I have an ATV1 which has a 160GB HD enabling me to store and playback synched photo's and music from my iTunes library on my Mac without the need for my Mac being switched on. The ATV2 however has the advantage of streaming anything from my IOS devices, but requires my Mac to be on in order to stream photo's and music from my iTunes library.

    My question is; is it possible to stream the contents of my ATV1 to an ATV2, as this would allow me to sync' my iTunes library to the ATV1 each time my Mac was switched on, but play it via an ATV2 when the Mac was off? I would then have the benefit of both systems and be able to take advantage of any future IOS ATV developments.

    My plan would be to position the ATV1 by my computer as it would not need to be connected to my television, then use the ATV2 for operational use using Airplay for streaming from the ATV1 and my IOS devices.

    I hope someone out there can make sense of my questions and offer a solution.

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    Feb 16, 2008

    According to this link: Yes. But it requires you to purchase and install ATV Flash ($40) on your ATV1, and you will need to jailbreak your ATV2 (using the free SeasonPass software). Then you can stream files from the ATV1 to the ATV2 using SMB. You will need either XBMC (free) or ATV Flash Black ($30) installed on the jailbroken ATV2.

    I kinda doubt it would be pretty (ATV Flash Black might look good, but XBMC probably wouldn't). But it is possible with an investment of money and time.

    My advice (as someone who has jailbroken multiple ATV2's and tried to keep up to date with versions of Seasonpass, ATV2 firmware, and XBMC):

    Just leave your computer on and stream through iTunes. This kind of hack, while cool, takes too much time and effort to maintain working smoothly.

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