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Jan 13, 2012
Hi all,

Firstly i hope I've posted this in the correct location, I'm new to this forum, and all the technology I'm surrounding myself with.

I recently brought a Samsung 3dtv, I connected my Macbook pro via the VGA, all worked fine, however my new tv does have dodgy hdmi's and screen issue, so a new replacement will be delivered next week.

My Macbook pro was bought in 2008, yes 4 years ago, only recently did it start slowing down and playing around. So, my Macbook is not top of the line, with many fancy connctions, oppostie obviously. However the dvi - vga does work and continues to do so.

My iMac was brought only a couple of weeks ago, so is more up-to-date, I still don't know what all the connections are at the back, but I'm impressed.

Last night, due to the failure of my hdmi's i decided to connect my Macbook to the Sony tv. This simple task turned in to hours of touture, not quite but it was pretty horrific.

I went the way which i knew has worked and should work. dvi - vga.

I connected the adapter from my Macbook to one end of the vga lead, the other end in the tv. I also connected my audio cable. The same way that i have done for years, especially on a 6 year old LG lcd tv. And still nothing. (This way even works on a broken Samsung tv)

The PC output on the Sony was grayed out, and continued to stay that way... all night. Frustrating!

I then decided to try an old windows laptop, again nothing.

I also tried with my iMac, hdmi - hdmi, again nothing!

I spoke with a technician from the store of purchase, he said.... It only worked on Samsung tv as it is a 'Smart' tv, and that i could make it work by downloading a free app called... AirPlay. :confused:

I find this all completely odd as like I've said, the 6 year old LG Nothing-of-a-tv LCD worked via the dvi (on a 4 year old Macbook) to a vga cable, through and in to the tv, also using an audio cable, I bet my life that if i connct it again right this moment, it will work.
Also my Samsung tv is broken, yet the same cable and Macbook still works.

Tried different cables, still no joy. I'm guessing it's a settings issue of some sort, or something much more intimidating. I have absolutely no idea, so all help would be greatly recieved but please speak slow :)


Many thanks to you all. x
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Nov 10, 2011
So...why you complaining about the Macbook...especially in your topic title...when clearly it has nothing to do with any of your computers, but your TV?

Sorry, But I fail to see the reason for even posting this/ You've already confirmed your TV is defective, and yet you're posting your tribulations when attempting to connect any computer to a defective TV?

What did you think was going to happen if your TV is defective, why even bother attempting to connect things to it?


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Jul 13, 2008
I connect my MBP to my Bravia with no problem. And all kinds of other stuff.

If three devices fail to produce video, and numerous cables, then I suspect your TV is shot. What DOES work with it? And do you know how to switch from input source to another input source?


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Jan 13, 2012
Trikky - Thank you for your helpful comment, I obviously misunderstood the meaning of the word 'Forum', i believed it to be a place where you can exchange views, discuss topics and ask for help. Your whole-know-it-all attitude does surprise me, especially when you offer no help, just negativity. Shame really.

Rob - Thank you for your helpful comment, I am pleased to inform you that it is now all sorted.

I had to first find the setting on the tv, then change the PC from Auto to Always, as Auto was not working at all. Once i did this... Still nothing. I then had to change the resolution on my MACBOOK PRO, And hey presto!!

So Trikky, your whole it's a tv issue blah blah blah, correction it was a setting on both my TV and MACBOOK PRO!!

"Firstly i hope I've posted this in the correct location, I'm new to this forum, and all the technology I'm surrounding myself with." - I feel so sorry for newbies like myself, especially up against people like you. This is not the helpful community it likes to make out that it is.

People who believe to be know-it-all's should really think before they speak, sorry, i mean type!!!!
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