Connecting MBA & PS3 to external display?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ThePassenger, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Dec 28, 2012
    Hey guys,

    I been using my 2011 MBA for a little over 6 months and I absolutely love it (the best computer I've owned by far). While I love its portability, I've been looking for something a little more when I'm at home. My brother graciously bought me a Toshiba 24L4200U HDTV for christmas, but after a bit a research, we think that an external computer monitor will be a better choice. So, we plan on returning the Toshiba and getting a Dell U2312HM instead. However, I've never done something like this before and I had a few questions.

    Please note that I plan on hooking up my PS3 to the same monitor, and am looking for a seamless transition between the two. I will also be using some external speakers, but nothing fancy (something along the lines of 2.0/2.1). I am also a hobbyist photographer, so I figured going with a lower-end IPS panel would be a good choice, but I am open to suggestions from any manufacturer. Also, I am a college student, so my budget is limited. Without further ado:

    1. I planned on hooking up the MBA using the DisplayPort and the PS3 using HDMI->DVI, but am not sure how I would go about connect the audio for both of those and what inputs would be needed on the external speakers. I was planning on buying Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 because of good reviews and price point, but I'm not sure if it has the right connectivity for my setup.

    2. I understand that a lot of these monitors come with USB ports, which is great, but would I be able to use them like a USB hub through the DisplayPort or is there some other way they work?

    3. Any other features I should look out for or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for all your help guys!

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