Connecting MBP to an HDTV - quick question...

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by EmptyG, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. EmptyG macrumors regular

    Feb 16, 2007
    Me again :)

    So I have my MBP and a DVI -> HDMI cable for my HDTV. I hooked it all up last night and watched some HD trailers on my HDTV...

    WOW :)

    It looks soooo good, and it just hooks straight up, detects it, bam! God I love that. My Windows laptop made me want to throw it out the window, it caused so many headaches.

    So my only question is this: I use a bluetooth mouse (Logitech v270) so I can control it anywhere in the room. When I hook the MBP up and it displays on both the MBP screen and the HDTV, do I have to leave the MBP open? I want to still be able to control it and not put it to sleep or anything. Is this possible? Just wanna make sure.

    BTW - I am asking here because I won't be able to play with it for a while and wanted to ask so I could be prepped when I do get home later.

    Thanks again! :)
  2. Cameront9 macrumors 6502a


    Aug 6, 2006
    Yes, what you want to do is called Clamshell mode. Basically, you connect the display, close the lid, and then press a key on an external keyboard to wake up the laptop.

    However, for heat-related reasons, you might want to leave it open if it's going to be left on for a long period of time (several hours, perhaps)...
  3. EmptyG thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 16, 2007
    Hmmm - well I don't use an external keyboard though, just a mouse. Is there a way then to leave it open and just have the screen on the MBP turn off? I am just interested in saving the screen since I am not watching it.
  4. eb6 macrumors regular

    Sep 7, 2006
    yo yo yo
    when my powerbook is closed and i plug / unplug any device (usb, mini dvi) it will wake up. so try closing it and then plugging in the ext. monitor
  5. Cameront9 macrumors 6502a


    Aug 6, 2006
    I believe you can change if you want the display to mirror or just act as an extension. Turn off Mirror, then you should be able to just drag whatever app to the HDTV, then turn down brightness on the mac all the way so the backlight switches off.

    I'd help you more, but I'm not at my Mac at the moment and can't remember exactly how to do what you're talking about. Pretty sure it can be done, though.
  6. EmptyG thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 16, 2007
    Cool - thanks for all the tips everyone :) I will try 'em out tonight and post back with the results!
  7. EmptyG thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 16, 2007
    Just an update - I did exactly as advised - closed the lid, let the MBP go to sleep. Plugged in the DVI cable to my HDTV, turned on my bluetooth mouse, which woke up the MBP - then lifted the lid so it could "air out". The screen stayed blank but I could control the MBP and view it on my HDTV.

    Like just about everything else with this Mac so far - it worked like it was supposed to. I love it!

    Thanks again for all the help everyone :)
  8. VinceVegaUK macrumors newbie

    Mar 24, 2007

    I need a mini DVI to HDMI cable for my macbook so i can watch films on my HD TV but i cant find one anywhere any tips. the only other thing i was thinking of doing was to get the apple mini dvi to dvi cable and then get a dvi to hdmi adapter.

    Hope you can help


  9. EmptyG thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 16, 2007

    I most definitely can help...

    First you will need the Apple Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter

    I get ALL my cables from - very quick shipping, extremely cheap prices, and all the cables I have bought have been great. You don't need some overpriced Monster cable for this.

    What you need (and what I have and can attest that it works great) is this one:
    HDMI DVI Cable 28AWG - 6ft w/Ferrite Cores (Gold Plated). A whopping $5, and about $6 to ship it = $11 for a 6ft cable. Plug one end into the Mac, one into the HDTV - done. :)

    You'll need an audio cable too (since the DVI cable only does the video part of it), just a standard one like this:
    3.5mm Stereo Plug/Plug M/M Cable - 12ft - those are pretty cheap too (like $3-$10).

    After that you shouold be all set :) You'll dig watching your stuff from the Mac to the HDTV. I love it and the MB and MBP konw what to do as soon as you plug the cables in.

    Good luck!
  10. VinceVegaUK macrumors newbie

    Mar 24, 2007
    Awesome thanks for the links i will get them on order and let you know how it goes!



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