Connecting my friends Ibook on my network

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by blairh, May 4, 2008.

  1. blairh macrumors 68040


    Dec 11, 2007
    My friend is visiting. She has an Ibook G4. She is having trouble connecting to my wireless network. I have a DLink Xtreme N Gigabit router. My Dell laptop has no problems obtaining and maintaining a connection.

    Her Ibook recognizes my network, but in the airport screen where I can enter my password, the "ok" option is grey and therefore cannot be clicked.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. OrangeSVTguy macrumors 601


    Sep 16, 2007
    Northeastern Ohio
    Do you have the b/g enabled? The ibook can't connect to a draft n wireless routers. Also are you using WEP, WPA or WPA2 wireless security? Also what OS is on your friends iBook? I think she needs at least Tiger 10.4 to join WPA encrypted networks but I'm not 100% sure about that.
  3. blairh thread starter macrumors 68040


    Dec 11, 2007
    thanks for your reply. i ended up figuring it out going through another screen. thanks though!

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