Connecting new Mac to a very old Mac

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by williamsonrg, Sep 12, 2005.

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    This is not actually my question, I'm just posting it for a colleague of mine. Here is what he asked at work:

    "My home computer is a Power Mac 5200 or so. It is over ten years old and running well, but it has no internet capabilities. I would like to communicate with my iBook G4 to copy files, back up my old hard drive, etc.. I bought a card of some sort from Bob Overkamp that allowed me to connect to my last school computer, which I think was a G3 running OS 9, via an ethernet cable.

    I have had no success with my G4, which is running OS X. I have tried turning on file sharing on both computers but can't get a connection. The G4 does not show up on the Power Mac's Chooser, and the Power Mac does not show up on the G4's Connect to Server.

    Any ideas? Thanks."

    Just thought I'd throw this out there, see if anybody can help.
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    If the Power Mac 5200 has an ethernet port, it will work, but there are some considerations. If it's running OS 8 or earlier, then it doesn't support file sharing over TCP/IP - only AppleTalk. If this is the case, then turn AppleTalk on on both the 5200 and the G4 and the two computers should then be able to see each other. If the 5200 DOES support file sharing over TCP/IP - if it's running OS 9 or later - then set its IP to and set the G4 to, both with netmask, and try to connect them to each other (using Chooser on the 5200 and Connect To Server on the G4).

    Step 1 is getting the network communication going, step 2 is getting the file sharing going.
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    friend of mine did this with his old powerbook to his new ibook and it worked out but he did have to take some time to make sure he had everything set up right

    Apple's support person told him to use a crossover cable instead of a reg ethernet cable.....and make sure you have file sharing turned on for both computers......and make sure the older computer is set up to connect with ethernet and not by modem and that appletalk is turned on

    even then it was necessary to work from the old computer to find the user's drop box on the new ibook because OS 10.4 wouldnt make the connection but OS 8.1 would be able to connect

    then he transferred all his files and everything was fine
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    Unless you upgraded the comm-slot to an ethernet card, it'll be tough.

    Choices are finding an old Asante PDS Ethernet card and software for that machine -- or using a AppleTalk-to-Ethernet bridge.

    Neither are cheap (in time and/or money.)


    Most people simple use stuffit and make a bunch of files, then e-mail the files to themselves.

    It's a little quicker than using a floppy, still not too quick if you have a high number of MBs.

    Considering the size of the original drive, it may be one of the easier methods, and still the cheapest method if your new ISP has a dial-in number.


    Of course modem-to-modem is a possibility also.
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    OS X requires AppleTalk over TCP/IP to work with an AppleShare server. As Alex mentioned, only OS 9 and above supports file serving via AppleTalk over TCP/IP. OS 8 to 8.6 can connect to a server using AppleTalk over TCP/IP (like OS X for example), but cannot file serve using AppleTalk over TCP/IP.

    Assuming the 5200 runs 8.0-9.1, and both machines are connected to an ethernet network, simply turn on File Sharing on the iBook (in the Sharing system preference pane, turn on personal file sharing), and then go into the Network system preference pane and take note of the IP address listed in the Ethernet connection. Then open the Chooser on the 5200, select AppleShare, press the Server IP button on the bottom of the Chooser window, and input the iBook's IP address. It should then ask you for the User login information. Input the User Name and Password used for the iBook. The select the iBook's hard drive to browse all files on that machine.

    If the 5200 runs System 7.5.3 to 7.6.1, things become much more difficult. You can use a program called "Shareway IP" that allows System 7 file sharing via AppleTalk over TCP/IP, but that program could be difficult to find these days. You could also use an old version of the program "Dave" which allows a Mac running OS 9 or older to use a Windows network. That would allow the 5200 to connect to an OS X machine using the Windows File Sharing protocol.

    Any System prior to 7.5.3 simply won't work because those versions do not support OpenTransport networking, which is a prerequisite to any of this.

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