Connecting to a wireless printer router HELP!


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Jun 1, 2004

Im trying to connect my Powerbook 17 to a wireless printer router (Linksys Wireless G WPS54G) to a Epson R300

The printer router was installed using the WINxp software and works correctly in Windows. (I can connect to it Wirelessly and it can 'see' what kind of printer it is, etc)

I tried to add it to my Powerbook (and other macs) using the Printer setup, IPP Protocol and entered in the IP for the router (which I found thru the web browswer based setup on the MAC, so i can "reach" the router with my mac ok). It allows the IP address but cannot 'see' what printer is attached.

a - CHosing GENERIC and nothing will print.
b - Chosing "MORE PRINTERS" and chosing "Epson r300 - Gimp Print v.5.0.0" doesnt work either.
c - Chosing OTHER brings me to the Desktop looking for a file/driver to load (??)

Can anyone help me how to connect to this Wireless printer router? I have 3 macs I would like to to be able to wireless'ly print from.

Thanks in advance,


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Oct 13, 2004
I had no luck using Gimp Print v5 when I set up my network printer (which isn't wireless, but is connected to a print server). I downloaded Gimp Print v4.7.1 and it all worked perfectly. I've been through this 3 times now, trying to get v5 to work, on an iBook, a pre-intel mini and on my MBP. Each time I've reverted to v4.7.1 to get it working.


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Jul 28, 2004
Portland, Oregon
brianhagen said:
Doesnt ANYONE use a wireless printer with their Macs??
Yes, I use a DLink DP300 with Laserjet 6L. I needed to enter the IP address and a port or queue name (can't remember which) which was specified in the DP300 install instructions. Absolutely no problems with the setup or subsequent use.