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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by larswik, Jul 31, 2013.

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    Have a question about connecting to a wifi access point for an app I want to make.

    I have a TV show that runs in hotels for my business. Right now I drive up to the hotel and connect to my equipment with my laptop and transfer the new videos via FTP and Telnet the commands. I am wanting to make an app that will allow my iPhone to do this instead of the big laptop.

    The problem is that I can not seem to connect to the wifi routers with my iPhone, just with my laptop. I turned my routers in to an AccessPoint which allows me to log right into the device. The wifi icon is no longer just bars but has an '!' point ontop. The iPhone sees the router, but in the setting where I select it to enter the password for the router it just spins and does not ask for the password.

    Is there a problem trying to connect ios devices to an access point?
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    iPhone5 ios 6.1. I did find something interesting the other day which might solve my problem. I had to get a new router for my house and I set it up with a WEP PSK password. My Phone worked fine connecting but my iPad and Macbook Pro would not work. I got the same image with the ! on top of the wifi signal. Perhaps the issue is the same at the hotels. I will test it on my next update.


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