Connecting to Mac OS X 10.9 Open Directory Server

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    Hi all, I'm trying to teach myself the server side of IT work, but having some problems.

    I'm trying to set up a test Web Help Desk server ( on my Mac running Mac OS X 10.9. I've downloaded the Apple Server app, and set my Mac up as an Open Directory master. The problem I'm facing is the LDAP connection between Web Help Desk and Open Directory. Both Web Help Desk & OD are on the same Mac.

    I'm not sure what to put in the connection account and the Users DN.

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    The syntax for the connection account should be:
    if your Open Directory admin account is not diradmin, then substitute yours there, and obviously change servername/mydomain/org as appropriate for your server.
    The users DN is probably just
    Keep in mind that different places use different help desk software, so setting this up isn't necessarily something you should spend a lot of time with.

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