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    When I startup my iMac, it tries to connect to some pc's that I have on my network. I just need to figure out how to properly connect to the pc's. None of the pc's have a password upon startup and when I enter just the username it won't take it. I am sure there is other information that may be needed to diagnose this but not sure what other info is needed.
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    If you have this with no PC at all in your network that means someone has hacked your network! Get into your router and block it after you verify all the IPs the router us dishing out. Then by the process of elimination you could block that unknown IP!

    Plus download the Trojan scanning application AdwareMedic and scan for any Trojans.

    Lastly check if you using any of the routers in the article Backdoor found in D-Link home routers. So I am confident in saying you should get either a Netgear or an Airport Extreme.

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