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    I have a scanning device, which connects through wifi with ipad app and shows real time image. I want to stream that image online, but ipad would not allow to connect to second wifi network and the first one is occupied by scanning device.

    Do you have any solutions? Is it possible to connect to two wifi networks?

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    Nov 25, 2015
    Each network card/wireless network card can only have one connection at one time. Unless it has an inbuilt switch which only server grade network cards have.
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    MIMO iPads can do this, if the network is two SSID's that are the same, on different frequencies and have the same WEP WPA key.
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    uhhhh ?? whachooo' talkin about, wills? the original poster sounded like he wanted the ipad to connect to two wifi networks simultaneously. mimo doesn't do this. all mimo does is allow each wireless client to access the router at their fastest speeds. before mimo , if a wifi device operating at 1 mbit connected to your 802.11g network, all clients operated at 1 megabit

    well , anyway, the only wifi card i am aware of that can simultaneously connect to two different wifi networks are made by intel. you can use them to connect to say a hotel wifi, and share that to your ipad and other devices without needing two wifi cards. this is called ' my wifi '

    i tried to install one in my dell back in 2009 or so. but it wasn't centrino, so it wouldnt work. and i had to return it

    please see the link

    using the ipad, the closest thing you can do is probably get a cellular one and share that connection with tethering, other then that, thats all you can do , that i am aware of. use your computer with 2 wifi cards.

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