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    May 25, 2011
    I use a MacBook Pro and Airport via cable connection. Today I have not been able to connect very long using this setup but my IPAD picks up the network fine and is working. The MacBook Pro has connected a few times but doesn't seem to want to stay connected and drops off. Pages start to load and it just seems to sit there with the site address showing its lading but eventually drops. Any steps that I can follow to trouble shoot connecting to the same network that I have always used in the past. the MacBook Pro shows my network but indicates there is no internet connection. I tried the Network Diagnostics First screen: AirPort is selected, on the second screen select airport network nothing is showing. I am up a running again on the MacBook but this happens occassional. Is this just the cable connection acting up or something on my macbook itself. Thanks for any tips.

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