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May 2, 2005
I'm the (former) owner of a 24'' iMac with the 7600 graphics card. Unfortunately, somewhere on my flight up to campus, my luggage was lost. So, -poof-, a $2000 computer and all my clothing gone, and it seems like Southwest Airlines is not going to reimburse me for the loss.

Irked as I am, I still need to get a computer for school, and I figure that it'll be nice to pick one up before the 16th so that I can get a free nano to sell to offset my loss. I'm afraid of getting a desktop again, in fear of history repeating itself. So I've been eyeing a MBP.

I don't really need a ton of power. However, I like having a computer that gets stuff done. And I would like for it to be able to run Starcraft II. ...Actually, well, it has to. I've waited 9 years for that game. (p.s.: selling left kidney for beta key.)

Anyways, does anyone have an idea of:
(1) Whether or not the new MBPs should be able to meet the requirements of games coming out in 2008? (And play at acceptable framerates and at least average quality.)
(2) How does the power compare between my old iMac and a new MBP?


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Oct 31, 2006
What were the specs of your imac besides the graphics card? How would they not pay the difference, I thought luggage came automatically with a certain amount of coverage. I am hoping my MBP will play the new games, of course not on full settings..but, you don't always need SLI video cards to play the newest games.


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Oct 3, 2006
That really stinks. Sorry about the loss. I have no clue what specs are going to be needed for Starcraft 2 but I've heard the new version is going to rock!