Considering Switching to AT&T if the price is right...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by salilsundresh, Oct 17, 2007.

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    Dec 11, 2005
    Well let me explain my situation. I'm 17 years old, currently use a Verizon Razr which my parents pay monthly for because it's like $12 for adding me on to the family plan we have. Our plan will be expiring in a few months so I'm trying to convince them to switch to a GSM provider.
    Current Plan Includes:
    3 lines
    500 minutes
    $70/month (before tax, $85 after tax)
    No data plan
    My question is..what's the cheapest legitimate plan for the iPhone from AT&T that matches this?
    Also if there are any other GSM companies in the USA with cheaper (yes I know T-Mobile is the same price w/200 more mins) than the Verizon one I mentioned above, I may be able to convince my parents to switch and just use a sim unlock on my iPhone. (currently on a pre-paid sim from T-Mobile)
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    Sep 17, 2007
    Cheapest is $110 without taxes. You can see the various iPhone plans here
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